Campaign Creation To Do List

Following is a list of "To Do" items that is growing much faster than I can whittle it down. These are all the bits and pieces that have come to mind that I need to work out as I make progress on my "Remnants of Rema" setting and homebrew 2nd Edition AD&D rule set. This list is mostly for my own benefit, but I thought I'd share in case anyone wants to direct me to other folks' work on any of these items. Strike-throughs indicate finished work.

Catalog published nonweapon proficiencies
Consider merging Thief Skills and Proficiencies
Prune catalog of proficiencies (merge similar, purge excess)
Coolify Weapon Proficiencies

Catalog classes and kits
Prune catalog of classes and kits

Build Milieu-focused Character Creation guide (starting region accessible classes + proficiencies)

Consider Blood Abilities (Birthright)
Consider Gifts (Celt and Viking splat books)

Catalog Spells
Merge Spell Lists
Souledness Rules
Black Wizard spellcasting dangers (Lankhmar) for casting beyond souledness allowance
Consider NPC rules (Arcanist, Alchemist, Apothecary, Herbalist, Hedge Wizard)
Consider Spell Points systems
Spell Research & Magical Item Creation
Consider Shaman class
Consider magical resources and domain spells, per Birthright Campaign Setting
Spell Component Rules + Market Values
Alternative sources for spells beyond scrolls & spellbooks
Alchemical processes & fantastic materials

Detail Rule: Strength Check for Open Doors/Bend Bars

Overview of time expenditure options (level up training, proficiency training, etc)

Starting Region Equipment & Money
Neighboring Regions Equipment & Money
Starting Region Magic Items
Starting Region Treasure Tables

Consider Armor Damage subsystem
Consider Piecemeal Armor subsystem
Armor vs Thief Skills

Libraries, Laboratories, Altars, Workshops
Resource Gathering (surveying, mining, spell components, etc)
Property, Titles, Fiefdoms, Taxation
Construction Rules


Consider building subsystem for "Horde Summoning" NWP from Complete Barbarian
Consider building subsystem for "Agriculture" from Complete Druid
Consider implementing "Station/Fame/Honor/Reputation" style subsystem

Starting Region Monster List
World Master List for races and monsters

Starting region flora and fauna
World Master List for flora and fauna

Starting Region random encounter tables, by terrain type/location
Random Encounters at sea, by region (shallow, deep, fresh vs salt)

Combat Rules write-up
Mass Combat

Naval stuff (construction, combat, sailing/exploration rules)

Poisons, Sedatives & Remedies (w/ ingredients from resources list)

Disease Rules
Starting Region Diseases

"True" Setting Timeline
Starting Region historical consensus
Starting Region laws

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